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Bohós Topakbashian

Bohós Topakbashian


Bohos Тopakbashian founded the postproduction company Slice LTD in 2013.

  • He graduated his bachelor degree in “Film Editing” at NATFA “Krystyo Sarafov” in 2014.
  • In 2018 he started working as an assistant lecturer at NATFA.
  • At the moment he’s graduating his master’s degree in “Film Management” at the same Academy.
  • Bohos is a member of the Union of Bulgarian filmmakers and also he’s part of the Board at the Editors’ Guild.
  • His experience involves more than 200 music videos and commercials.

Bohos works in very diverse fields, which makes his expertise unique. He has an extensive experience in short films, music videos as well as in full length documentary film and feature films. He loves editing and he’s not afraid to conquer different grounds of visual storytelling. His dream of becoming a filmmaker begin when he was just a little boy and he watched Star Wars.

He continues to love the film art and never misses going to the cinema.

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