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Victoria Radoslavova

Victoria Radoslavova


Victoria Radoslavova is a film editor, lecturer and CEO of the Foundation “Listen to me with your heart”.

  • She has a bachelor degree in “Film and Tv Editing” at NATFA “Krystyo Sarafov”.
  • She’s currently graduating a master’s degree in “Film and Tv Arts” with specialization “Screenwriting for film”.
  • She’s a CEO of the Foundation “Listen to me with your heart” which fights for equal rights of the deaf people for access to bulgarian cinema. The foundation creates subtitles for bulgarian films which were never before available in bulgarian language for deaf people.

Victoria has great experience with tv series. She has edited more than 160 television episodes as a lead film editor, including some of the most successful tv series in Bulgaria such as “Father’s Day”, “Devil’s Throat”, “The Tree of Life” and many more. Victoria focuses her work on feature films and has already worked on 11 feature films. She’s interested in scriptwriting and film music. Her favorite film genre is the “classic musical”.

  • She a double Nominee for “Best editing” at the Bulgarian Film Academy Awards. For the feature film “Hristo” and for the short film “Dog”.

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